In the arts and graphic design scene since 1995. Experience spanning fine art, photography, print and interactive design. Close to her heart is to help promote nourishing information in touch with wellbeing. 


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WordPress site – Matthew Rickard

WordPress site – Matthew Rickard

WordPress site creation #8 in my experience. All parties are happy with how it turned out – the client likes it, the theme developers like it, and I am happy to see it alive and function for the world. Hopefully through this site, Matt is able to reach out to more passionate social entrepreneurs and make the world that much more beautiful.


Radiant Qoutes – Paint

Painting – Circle of Life

(Mixed media on paper)

A contemplative art created using the method of breathlines painting, and mindful awareness. During the process, awareness was put on how the mind was deciding which colour to choose, what to draw, preferences or rejections, how the feeling was reacting to mistakes and satisfactions, try it, a good way for looking deeply. You would be surprised you are not the artist that you think you are!

Campaign design – THIS Buddhist Film Fest Singapore 2014

Painting – Self Compassion

(Mixed media on paper)

An intuitive art created using the method of breathlines painting. Without thinking what to draw, I made random lines mindlessly on the paper, open to be surprised by however the lines manifest themselves. What comes out intuitively can be messages from deep within us. The swan, had appear in my first breathlines painting, wounded, now in this piece it appears to me again, fresher, not so bothered by the mess happening around her, in the gesture of self loving – something that is crucial for my spiritual practice at the moment. breathlines painting has helped people in different parts of the world in healing traumatic mind and body experiences.

Radiant Qoutes – Draw

Painting & poem – Finity and Infinity

what we yearn is love – self love
when we lose it
we become a seeker
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WordPress site – Matthew Rickard

WordPress site – Good Hearts Garden

Venerable Jian Xin and I have known each other for many years, very happy to be able to help giving a facelift to her website. As lovely as she always been, I was given no deadline and this in the end took too long to come through! I have enjoyed and benefited a lot learning about counselling and the Dharma from her, very thankful indeed. I love the intimacy of her small group Dharma sharing nights, now she is also actively involved in promoting the Dharma and teaching the skill of counselling to more people so that the society can be filled with more understanding and love. Do check out on her teachings in this website.

LIVE SITE: http://www.light-love.net/

Poster – Meditation and Dharma Retreat

Poster – Public talk on depression

Radiant Qoutes – Thoughts

Poster – Green Tara Puja

Photography: Lee Scott

WordPress site – Mani Retreat Singapore

Mani Retreat is a big annual event in Singapore, its a meaningful way for many faithful followers to spend their precious time everyday between Christmas and the new year chanting for the whole world. A very magnificent event.

›  http://maniretreat.sg/

Radiant Qoutes – Liberation

Poster – for a Buddhism event

Poster – for a series of meditation classes and retreat

Poster – Intermediate Dharma Class

Logo design – Deer Park Dharmacast

The Deer Park Dharmacast is podcast of Dharma talks by monks, nuns, and Dharma teachers from Deer Park Monastery in Escondido, CA. The logo design represents all the Dharmacast listeners, hearing the Dharma and opening peacefully as a lotus. The beautiful shape of the meditation hall at Deer Park monastery, which Thay named the Ocean of Peace is depicted in the shape of the headphone. Since almost all the talks are recorded in this hall, it is truly felt that the Deer Park Dharmacast is Dharma flowing from the Ocean of Peace.



Flyer – for a fund raising trek

A client turned friend always surprise me with his commendable charity project ideas, when he approached me to help, of cause I said yes. With his vision and openness to ideas, we are quite happy with the way this flyer turns out. Hope a lot of money can be pulled together from this so some children in the mountains get to learn to read and write. Do support the cause.

Poster – for a Buddhism chanting practice

This is a poster to notify members in a Buddhist society of a practice on chanting the Flower Garland Sutra ( Sanskrit: Avataṃsaka Sūtra, Chinese: Huayan Jing)

Brochure – for a fund raising project


People’s Society of Buddhism Studies is in the midst of building a new premises to cop with the ever growing needs of a bigger and better space for practices. Generousity is utterly needed. Do support them from your heart and perhaps from your pocket too!

Book design – The Path of The Yogi

I love books, been wishing to have a chance to design an entire book as an highlight of my career, hence when the opportunity arrived  I felt so honoured but anxious at the same time, honoured because this is a very special book recording the past life and present life of a respected Tibetan monk, Shangpa Rinpoche anxious because I have not done it before, and this book is set to an almost impossible deadline, the lovely people producing this aspired to have the book out in time for the Rinpoche’s birthday. With much blessings and dedications, we did it and I love what I see came out of it – this kind of feeling doesn’t happen all the time in me being a designer. During the auspicious book launch and birthday celebration of the Rinpoche, the Rinpoche commented this was the most beautifully designed book of all the books he had published, am grateful how things came together into this formation. The cover design was done by a design house prior my involvement, My task was to design all the inside pages.

Go on, click here to see the inside pages of the book.

Book & web design – Lighting The Way

URL: http://lighting-theway.org/

Mock up – for a web design

Mock up for a web design

PPT design – 360° REACH

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Fine art – oil

Fine art – mural

Fine art – Charcoal

PPT design – for a security company

PPT design – for a mobile solution company

PPT design – for an RFP

PPT design – for a Traditional Chinese Medicine research presentation

PPT design – for an RFP

PPT design – for an RFP

PPT design – for an RFP

Identity design – for Happiteen Dharma School

Web design – for Family Enrichment Society


Wed design – for Singapore Brain Development


Web design – for Happiteen Dharma School


Web design – for Dr David Wells


FLASH EXPERIMENT – available for purchase


If you would like to buy this creation for your commercial purposes or wish to use this for a good couse, please contact me.

Promotional Items – for a dance performance

Mock up – for a website

Mock up – for a website

CD Rom design – for Singapore Education Minister

Web design – for 10AM

10AM is a very established advertising agency in Singapore, produced lots of award-winning and heart warming campaigns and TV commercials. It still seems amazing now to think about how this project landed onto my lap in 2005, big thanks to the trust of an old colleagues who introduced me to the friendly people at 10AM. Flash sites were still uncommon those days, I was eagerly self-teaching and doing it at the same time, collaborating with the creative directors from 10AM, the idea was to protrait the agency as a fun loving bunch of people through pixel art. When 10Am wanted to create a second version of the site, they invited me to do it together again, but I was not so available then! Many years later I got to know from a fellow designer friend in the industry, that back in 2005, this website was one of what people came to admire for idea and inspiration – well this is really what we like to call ‘Its good to know’. 

Check in demo kiosk design – for SIA

Mock up – for a website